Knit Joy Slippers

This design of the slippers is viral nowadays and I think we all know why. Look at these beauties and imagine how pretty they will look on your feet. Women need not only comfort and warmness but also to look amazing and attractive. If you think that these slippers will make your look at home […]

Knit Japanese Slippers

Here we have amazing and very beautiful Japanese slippers for you. If you want to have very creative and special slippers from great culture you can make it happen if you have some free time and necessary supplies. for this project. We hope you are free now to customize these slippers in your mind and […]

Knit Slippers for Men

Here we have Slippers for men. If you want to protect your men’s feet in the winter from cold or you are a man and know how to knit this post will help you make very comfortable and warm slippers. Here we have a video tutorial that will help you start and finish this project. […]

Knit Tape Line Slippers

Here we have an amazing design for the slippers which you can knit with your hands and make your and your lovely people’s everyday life more comfortable and beautiful. Nowadays there are high prices on the high quality and also beautiful items. but with us, you can save money and also make a design that […]

Knit X/O Slippers

Look at the joyful design of these slippers. Amazingly, we have the opportunity to knit hugs and kisses slippers with our crafty hands. Thanks to the author for this opportunity and for the video tutorial where you can learn everything that you need to have perfect results at the end of the project. If you […]

Knit Purple Rain Slippers

These slippers are the inspiration from the greatest Prince song Purple Rain We Think and are as beautiful as the song itself. Look at the pictures and if you like the design you can start this project and make another magic with your crafty hands. Thanks to the author for the design and of course […]

Knit Simple Soft Slippers

Here we have amazing and very beautiful slippers for you to knit with your hands save money and make your own everyday life more comfortable and cozy. If you have some free time for your favorite craft knitting this post will help you start exciting projects and make gifts for yourself and your close people. […]

Knit Layer Slippers

Here we amazing tutorial for you to sit comfortably and start knitting these amazing and cozy Layer Slippers. These slippers will make your everyday life more comfortable and also protect your feet from cold at home. We hope you are now free and have some time for your favorite handcraft. Choose the right colors for […]