Folding Slippers From Squares

Here we have awesome and very simple slippers for home which you can make it with this free video tutorial. Look at these folding slippers. They are very comfortable and we hope you will enjoy with it in everyday life. You can also make it for whole family and make many gifts. Good luck and […]

Cowl With 3D Leaves

Cowl With 3D leaves? What it means. Look at the pictures and you will see awesome, useful and comfortable cowl with magic leaves. We as usual have also free video tutorial where you will learn everything that you need to know to crochet this cowl if you want of course. Thanks to author for high […]

Crochet Alpine Poncho

Here we have clothes which one will make your look very beautiful and attractive and also will protect you in cold days. Look at the pictures and you will see Alpine Poncho. You can learn how to crochet this alpine poncho in free written pattern which is clearly explained and you can crochet everything without […]

Angel Wings Dress

For you little angels we have today beautiful angel wings dress with free written pattern where clearly and step by step is explained everything that you need to know to crochet. Make a perfect gift for your or for your friends newborn girls and make them and their parents happy. We want to say thank […]

Crochet Pom Pom Slippers

Today for you we have very cute and beautiful slippers with pom pom. These slippers will protect your angels feet from cold. They will look very cute and crocheting is also very enjoyable. Thanks to author for clearly explained written pattern and adorable design. Crocheting this little Pom Pom slippers will be very enjoyable. You […]

Crochet Shawl

today we have for you free video tutorial where you can learn how to crochet this triangle shawl which one as you can see is very beautiful. Thanks to author Wilma Westenberg for clearly explained video tutorial. We think that you will crochet easily and with results will be proud. This shawl will be also […]

Snowfall Cowl

It’s winter at our places and also cold. At some places there are frosty weather so we need to protect ourselves. We want to help and find for you beautiful Snowfall cowl which one will protect you also can make your look beautiful at any situation. It’s very comfortable and pretty as you can see. […]

Crochet Celtic Slouchy Hat

Hats, Hat and Hats again. We love beautiful hats and it’s not a news that we can also crochet them with our hands. There are many beautiful designs for warm hats or hats that only makes our look beautiful. We are trying to search for you new designs with free patterns and tutorials, so here […]